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  • 2001 Talbert 35 ton lowbed, 102" wide and 22' well, swing out outriggers, non ground bearing gooseneck and air ride tandem axle suspension, nice sheet metal and paint, has 275/70R22.5 tires= 70% to 90% on polishe aluminum wheels. Asking $27,000

  • 1985? Eager Beaver 35 ton detachable lowbed, 8' wide and 20' long deck with good planks, detachable neck with a single ground bearing cylinder, has flip down rear ramps, swing out outriggers, has tandem axles with single point spring suspension, 10R15 tires= 80%. Asking $5,500

  • 1986 Talbert Special made 45 ton 10' wide drop side 2 axle air ride lowbed, has interchangeable deck with I beams, well is 24' with steel diamondplate 14" low deck, has non ground bearing gooseneck with 4 new cylinders, 10' wide tandem rear axles have new brakes and drums, new brake lines and electric harness, tires are 11R24.5 all on polished aluminum. This trailer with I beams is in excellent condition. Asking $35,000

  • 2002 Rogers 60 ton drop side lowbed trailer, 9' wide, 26' well, diamond plate steel deck, air ride with lift 3rd, non ground bearing neck, 275/70R22.5 tires= 60% to 80% all on polished Budds. Nice lowbed. Asking $40,000

  • 1973 Rogers 75 ton dropside 3 axle lowbed, is 10' wide and has a 24' well, dropside deck is steel diamondplate, has 100 ton dual ground bearing cylinders, has 3 axles all spring mounted, good brakes, has 12R22.5 tires= 70% all on cast spoke wheels, good red paint. Asking $25,000 or make reas. offer.

  • 1985? Interstate 35 ton lowbed, 8' wide and 21' long level deck, fair planks, recent brakes and seals, 22.5 Low Profile tires= 80%. Asking $9,000

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