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  • 2000? PSI M413XT 4x4 small grader with 3,650 hrs., has enclosed cab, controls are on both sides of seat, has a Cummins diesel, front mono boom style loader with tread width bucket, nice 10' belly grader blade with up, down, tilt and slide, rear hydraulic scarafire, tires are foam filled 365/65-19.5= 30%. Asking $35,000

  • 1979? John Deere JD672-A 6 wheel drive articulated motor grader, good cab and glass, good sheet metal, fair paint, has 8,753 hrs. on meter, has a 6 cyl. Turbo diesel, power shift trans., front wheel drive may have hydraulic problems, has a 10' side wing hydraulic snow plow and a big wing plow for the front scarafire hitch, has 14x24 grader tires= 30%. Call

  • 1949? Small Allis Chalmers tandem Motor Grader. Model D. This grader has a nice custom made heated cab with good glass and seat, has good sheet metal and orange paint, has a 4 cylinder Continental overhead valve gas engine, a gear shift transmission, custom hydraulic power steering, hydraulic powered turn table, has a good 10 wide and 12 high moldboard blade with mechanical tilt, good hydraulic cylinders on each side of blade, has tandem rear axles with good 7.50x20 tires. Asking $12,000

  • 1972 Huber tractor style grader machine with front end loader with 6' bucket, has a Ford 4 cyl. gas engine, standard transmission with torque converter, has a 10' belly grader blade, is 2 wheel drive with large tall rear wheels and small front tires. Make reas. offer.

  • 1966 Cat 120 straight frame motor grader, enclosed cab with heater, nice bench seat, good sheet metal and paint, good 6 cyl. diesel, all mechanical functions but has hydraulic power steering and hydraulic blade side shift, nice straight 12' modlboard, tandem rear wheels, has 13.00-24 tires= 5%, very clean small grader. Asking $12,000

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