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  • 1995 Mack RD600GK 10 wheel dump truck, excellent condition, nice cab with visor, nice glass and interior, chrome bumper, grille, horns, stack and mirrors, has a Mack 350 diesel, Mack 12 speed, has a good double frame, 20 front axle and 58 rears, has a recent 14' Beau-Roc steel body with 3/8" floor and 1/4" sides and gate, gate has 3 chutes, electric canvas, 12R24 tires= 90% all on cast spoke wheels. Asking $50,000

  • 1999 Volvo Autocar 10 wheel dump truck with about 140,000 miles, good cab and glass, chrome bumper, grille and mirrors, has a 500 HP Cummins, Fuller 8LL trans., good double frame, good 14' dump body with crank automatic canvas, pintle hitch, has a 20 front axle and 58 rears with Hendrickson spring suspension, has 12R24 tires= 80% on cast spoke wheels. Asking $43,000

  • 2001 Peterbilt 357 Tri-Axle dump truck, 465,679 miles and 28,844 hrs. on meters, very nice cab with red interior, power window, nice sheet metal and paint, 475 HP Cat C15 diesel, Fuller 8 speed LL, good double frame, air ride 46 rears, 18 front and 17 pusher, has a good 16'- 6" steel body, good floor and 3 scuttles in tailgate, electric canvas, has 11R24.5 tires (F)=80%, (R)= 50% to 70% on polished aluminum wheels. Asking $70,000 or reas. offer.

  • 2006 Mack Granite Tri-Axle dump truck, Model CV713, has 342,500 miles, 17,492 hrs., nice cab interior, crank windows, AC, nice seats, good sheet metal and paint, chrome bumper, grille, mirrors, stack, polished tanks, has 427 Mack diesel, Mack 10 speed trans., good double frame, 20 front axle with fat floats, dual wheel 20 pusher, 44 rear tandems on springs, nice 16', 21 yd. Ox tub style smooth side body with high lift gate, electric canvas, no hitch, fat front tires= new on polished aluminum, 11R24.5 rear= new on polished, very nice tri-axle. Asking $77,000

  • 1998 Mack RD688S Tri-Axle dump truck, nice cab with visor, has AC, tilt nose, chrome bumper, grille, mirrors and stack, has a Mack 400 HP engine, Fuller 8LL transmission, has a fair double frame that is opening, a 17' steel body with dented floor and dented sides, 3 chutes in a slant gate, has a 20 front, 44 rears on springs and a 20 pusher, is certified for 77,000 lbs., has 385/65R22.5 front= 90% on polished Budds, pusher tires are 30% and drive tires are 11R24.5 rears= 90% on cast spoke wheels. Asking $34,000

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